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Hi-Vis Safety Vests

Scroll through our great selection of customisable hi-vis safety vests and waistcoats to find the perfect one’s for you and your business.

Hi-vis safety waistcoats and vests offer high visibility and reflectivity and can form a key part of workplace PPE or as an essential safety item for cyclists, walkers, and horse riders. Keeper the wearer easily detectable makes them safer in a variety of situations.

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We have Core Workwear safety vests and waistcoats which have been specifically designed for motorists or motorway workers, as well as more general use vests. Each of these can be worn over the top of any other workwear, making them adaptable and suitable for all situations.

Each one of our logo safety vests are available in high visibility colours and comes complete with a range of reflective bands to make it even easier to be spotted when the light hits them.

We also offer a flame-resistant, flame-retardant safety vests and waistcoats which provides protection against heat and flames and is widely used by those working with telecoms, welding, and electronics. This vest also offers ESD anti-static protection for all round safety.

Our custom hi-vis vests and waistcoats can be personalised with your business branding, and our High-Vis Cool Open-Mesh Executive Waistcoat are suitable for warm environments and come complete with a variety of pockets for phones, walkie-talkies, and other equipment. It is smart, professional, and practical and it can be machine washed